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In the larder we offer a range of products on sale at our shop to accompany your cheeseboard. Many of the products are handmade in our Oxford City Kitchen to our own exclusive recipes, others selected for their quality. We would also recommend our Italian Olive Oil sourced from the highly respected producer Giorgio Navaro.

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Oxford Sauce

weight335g at £2.50

Tuckbox Chutney

weight320g at £5.95

Cerise Noire Jam

weight110g at £2.75

Chilli Jam

weight320g at £4.35

Figue et Noix Jam

weight110g at £2.50

Figue Jam

weight110g at £2.50

Membrillo Artesana Emily Foods

weight200g at £4.00

Oxfordshire Honey Large Set

weight454g at £5.95

Pate di Olive

weight180g at £3.95

Pesto alla Genovese

weight180g at £4.50

Quince Products Hot Quince Jelly

weight225g at £6.50

Quince Products Quince Jelly

weight225g at £5.50

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