Good Cheese Management

1. It is recommended that all cheese is kept refrigerated. Preferably in a sealed box in order to stop contamination by other odours in your fridge (for example fish). Cheese is like blotting paper, it will assimilate other smells very quickly.

2. Bring cheese up to room temperature between one and two hours before servicing. If you serve cheese straight from the fridge it will not give off its full flavour.

3. Remember cheese will naturally develop mould, this is not unusual and in the event of this happening, just trim the cheese before serving.

4. Cheese should be eaten in ascending order of strength: starting with soft creamy cheese such as brie right up to the very strong hard cheeses and blues

5. When replacing unused cheese into storage, keep it wrapped preferably in wax paper and not cling film.

6. When considering how much to purchase when serving for a group of people, as a rule of thumb 125g per adult will suffice - for example, if entertaining for 12 adults, a total of 1.5kg split over 4 or 5 different cheeses would be perfect.