Single Gloucester

A full fat hard cheese made with Old Gloucester cow’s milk

brandCharles Martell
country of originBritain
milk varietyCow
cheese typeHard Buttery
milk processPasteurised

more information

A full fat hard cheese made with pasteurised Old Gloucester cow’s milk with natural rennet. It is softer and has a more open texture than most English hard cheeses. It is uncoloured and may have a naturally mouldy rind. The cheeses are traditionally made thinner than a Double Gloucester, they also tend to have a lower fat content, hence ‘Single’ rather than ‘Double’ (as in single and double cream). A mild and slightly lactic flavoured cheese, it is eaten young, and goes well with a glass of perry. It also makes an excellent toasting or cooking cheese. In 1994 it was awarded Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. It can only be made on Gloucestershire farms which have a herd of Old Gloucester cows

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weight250g at £7.50