Brightwell Ash

Brightwell Ash is one of our newer local cheeses, and has only been made since 2018.

brandSourced by Oxford Cheese Company
country of originBritain
milk varietyGoat
cheese typeSoft
milk processUnpasteurised

product not currently available

more information

Brightwell Ash is a ripened goats cheese disc with an ash based natural rind. It has a silky texture and particularly sumptuous flavour with hazelnut and citrus notes. It is made with traditional animal rennet. The rind develops natural moulds on the ash base which add greatly to the flavour and character of the cheese and vary seasonally.
Brightwell Ash was a runner up in both the New Cheese and Goats Cheese categories of the Artisan Cheese Awards in May 2019, where it also awarded a Gold.

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