Tomme Grise

Tomme de Montagne is a cheese from Savoie in the French Alps. It is a mild, semi-firm cow's milk cheese with a beige interior. It has a beautiful grey-brown rind. Firm with a flavour of nuts and, sometimes, grass.

brandSourced by Oxford Cheese Company
country of originFrance
milk varietyGoat
cheese typeHard
milk processPasteurised

more information

Grey Tomme of Goat, or Tomme grise de chèvre also called Tomme de Chèvre, is produced in Savoie and Haute Savoie mainly in the Tarentaise and Maurienne valleys.
This artisanal cheese made of raw goat milk, is matured for at least 8 weeks to develop its grey colour on the rind.
When the cheese is young (up to 10 weeks of maturation) it develops a strong goaty flavour and when older the flavour has a touch of hazelnut. It has a long lasting flavour in mouth.

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