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A soft textured, mellow cheese produced using pasteurised cow’s milk and a vegetable rennet.

Brand – Cropwell Bishop
Country Of Origin – Britain
Milk Variety – Cow
Cheese Type – Blue
Milk Process – Pasteurised

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More Information

The cheese is matured for around 12 weeks (though this can be extended for a further 12 weeks leading to a creamier, fuller cheese) and has a 48% fat content.
The cheese has a vividly contrasting colour, between the blue veins and the clear orange of the curd, produced by the addition of the natural food colouring, annatto.
Shropshire Blue cheese has a strong and sharp flavour, similar to other Blue cheeses such as Stilton and Blue Cheshire, but substantially creamier. There is a sour, yeasty bite contained within the rich, mellowing taste, accompanied by a tangy aroma.