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In the larder we offer a range of products on sale at our shop to accompany your cheeseboard. Some of the products are handmade in our Oxford City Kitchen to our own exclusive recipes, others selected for their quality. We would also recommend our Italian Olive Oil sourced from the highly respected producer Giorgio Navaro. You may wish to select some of these items to make up part of your bespoke hamper.

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PR00 Small Oxford Sauce

amount150ml at £1.95

PR01 Large Oxford Sauce

weight335g at £2.75

PR03 Chutney with Old Hooky Ale (Large)

weight300g at £4.75


weight200g at £3.50

PR04 Tuckbox Chutney (Large)

weight300g at £4.75


weight200g at £3.50

PR07 Figue Jam

weight110g at £2.75

PR08 Cerise Noire Jam

weight110g at £2.75

PR09 Figue et Noix Jam

weight110g at £2.75

PR10 Membrillo Quince Paste

weight200g at £4.75

B01 Oxford Blue Cheese Oatmeal Biscuits

weight120g at £3.25

B02 Oxford Blue Oatmeal Crackers

weight80g at £2.65

B03 Sea Salted Water Biscuits

weight80g at £2.65

B04 Olive & Sun Dried Tomato Crackers

weight80g at £2.65

B05 Wholemeal Flaxseed & Chia Crackers

weight80g at £2.65

B08 Your Piece Canape Oatcakes

weight125g at £3.50

B09 Your Piece Canape Porridge Oatcakes

weight125g at £3.50

B10 Your Piece Large Seeded Oatcakes

weight140g at £3.75

B15 Miller's Damsel Buttermilk

weight125g at £2.95

B16 Miller's Damsel Charcoal

weight125g at £2.95

B17 Millers's Damsel Wheat

weight125g at £2.95

B18 Miller's Damsel Three Seed

weight125g at £2.95

B19 Cracked Black Pepper and Smoked Sea Salt Savoury Cheese Biscuits

weight110g at £3.50

B22 Cranberry & Almond Toast

weight110g at £4.25

HN01 Oxfordshire Honey

weight340g at £7.95

HN02 Charlbury Oxfordshire Honey

weight454g at £7.95

HN03 Cotswold Raw Honey

weight454g at £7.95

HN05 Iberian Blossom Honey 3kg

weight0g at £21.00

HU01 Oxford Cheese Company Olive Oil

amount1litre at £9.95

HU03 Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

amount500ml at £18.50

HU05 Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Andalucia

amount750ml at £6.50

HU06 Extra Virgin Truffle Infused Olive Oil

amount250ml at £6.75

HU12 Rapeseed Oil Smoked

amount250ml at £6.95

HU14 Rapeseed Oil Mayonnaise

weight248g at £3.95

HU15 Smoked Chilli Mayonnaise

weight248g at £4.50

PR011 Chilli Jam (large)

weight300g at £4.75

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