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Paul Watson, our cellar master with over 15 years in the wine trade, has selected a range of wines and beers to complement our cheese selections, including interesting and unusual examples not generally found in larger retailers and supermarkets.

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SP Kirsche vieux

amount70cl at £38.00

SP01 Pineau des Charentes

amount75cl at £26.40

SP10 Cabby's White Rum

amount50cl at £33.55

SP11 Cabby's Spiced Rum

amount70cl at £39.60

SP20 Black Cow Vodka

amount70cl at £33.75

SP21 Cassis

amount50cl at £22.00

SP23 Physic Gin

amount50cl at £38.50

SP24 Foxdenton Golden Apricot Gin Liqueur

amount35cl at £14.25

SP25 Orange and Rosemary Gin

amount35cl at £14.25

SP26 Bullace Gin

amount35cl at £22.00

SP30 Tobermory Gin

amount70cl at £40.15